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Is Project Management English a foreign language?

5 ways project management English is different to general English

Does your organisation run projects?

Are you a project manager?

Do you need to improve your business English?

If the answer yes, it’s important to understand that Project Management English is different to general English.

Let me give 5 examples:

  1. Risk

General English – A negative event which could happen in the future.

Project Management English – A negative or positive event which could happen in the future

2. A Sponsor

General English – Someone who pays the costs of an event (eg. sports, arts, or charity).

Project Management English – A Sponsor approves and supports a project

3. A Portfolio

General English – A portfolio could be: a container for drawings or a collection of drawings; a collection of investments; a government responsibility.

Project Management English – Project Portfolio Management means selecting, prioritising and controlling projects and programmes in line with an organisation’s strategy.

4. A Stakeholder

General English – Someone who owns part of a company or is involved in an organisation.

Project Management English – Anyone who is affected by a project, including the general public (where relevant).

5. Configuration

General English – Configuration is simply the way things are arranged.

Project Management English – The product specifications are documented – this is the configuration. Configuration management means controlling any changes to these specifications.

Online Lessons and Online Courses

It is because English for projects is different to general English that we offer special lessons and courses on this subject. Staff are qualified in both project management and English teaching so that we offer a double expertise.

Why not book a lesson or take an online course today?

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