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Is Project Management English a foreign language?

May 28,2019 / Articles / 0 Comments

Does your organisation run projects? Are you a project manager? Do you need to improve your...

BREXIT and Business English

May 01,2019 / Articles / 0 Comments

Confused about Brexit? Yes, we all are! Learn about Brexit and learn key business English. 1....

Elon Musk (Business English)

May 01,2019 / Articles / 0 Comments

1. Watch the video lesson about Elon Musk 2. Check below for vocabulary you don't know as part...

Lessons in business ... from prison

March 02,2018 / Marketing / 0 Comments

Jeff Smith, a former American State Senator, was sent to prison but was very surprised by the...

Facebook and content-marketing

Why did changes in Facebook's newsfeed cause the loss of 100 jobs in a different...

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