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English for Project Management

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English for project management

Are you a project manager? Does your organisation run projects? Do you need English for project management?

We offer high quality, online lessons (by Zoom or Skype) as well as online courses but our teaching is different and here’s why:

Our project English teacher is qualified and experienced in BOTH project management AND English teaching. Angus is a PRINCE2 certified project manager with a number of years’ experience as a Senior Project Manager. He also has a CELTA qualification in English teaching as well as more than 15 years’ teaching experience. Angus also has two Master’s degrees from the University of Oxford.

Our teachers are double experts! They are experts in teaching AND in their professional and business life.

We offer teaching at all levels. For example our online English for project management course covers some of the fundamentals of project management. Why not register and complete the course? We are also able to offer lessons at a much higher level. Our recent blog post on Agile and Target Operating Models shows that some of our lessons cover more advanced subjects where project management interacts with other areas of business.

If you are a project manager or work with projects, online courses can help but they are not enough. Learning a language is developing a skill (like playing the guitar) and you definitely need to practise speaking with a native speaker who can correct your English and help you improve. Of course, for project management English, you will need someone who has actually worked in project management – and this is where we can help you!

Online lessons mean that you can learn in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you. We use high quality materials to support your learning.

Whatever your level, we can help you progress with English for project management. Just book a FREE first lesson and we can discuss your requirements: www.speakforbusiness.com.

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