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Facebook and content marketing

In this article about content marketing, we discuss why changes in Facebook’s newsfeed caused the loss of 100 jobs in a different company!

Open this BBC article in a different window – it has lots of useful English for marketing. Use the notes below or open this pdf for help with the English in the article.

Summary of the article

Facebook made changes so that users saw more content from friends and family and less from publishers. As a result, a business called Little Things was forced to close down.


Content marketing
Content marketing and Facebook

This article is about a lifestyle business.

  • He has an extravagant lifestyle (he spends a lot of money).
  • A lifestyle magazine = a magazine about clothes, cars, health etc.

algorithm = set of rules used in complicated computer calculations

Female-focused = for women. What would we say if it were for men?

*female-focused is obviously an important part of this company’s market segmentation. Market segmentation is a key term and concept in marketing. Do you understand this term? Can you write a list of the various characteristics marketers might identify in the process of market segmentation? Two examples are age and gender (male or female) but there are many more. Feel free to write your answers as comments on this blog. This article might help if you want to check your answers.

feel-good news = news which makes you feel good

feel-good film = film which makes you feel good (happy ending)

Chief executive. A Chief executive has the top role in a company. This is one of the roles (jobs) in the C-Suite. Can you think of the other positions in the C-Suite? This article will help if you need it.

Organic traffic is an important term in digital marketing. Paid traffic is visits to a website which result from paid advertising. (Paid comes from the verb to pay and is linked to the noun payment). Organic traffic is visits to a website which DO NOT result from paid advertising.

content = information (text, audio, video) on a website

content-marketing = Marketing which focuses on content which is valuable to the consumer instead of seeking to sell a product or services directly

to pull out = to decide not to be involved in a deal or project

to spin off = to create an independent company from a parent company

spin-off (noun) = an independent company or product created by a parent company

How many people have lost their jobs because of the closure of this company?

How many other ways can you think of  to describe someone losing their job?

What other word is used instead of company?

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